Step Inside Our Philosophy

Life may not always be the way we imagined it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still turn our dreams into reality.

With over twenty years autism experience as a teacher, and ten as a parent, I am no stranger to the challenges it can present. But I am also no stranger to the joys.

And believe me when you get it right, the highs are the highest of the high.

I have lost count of the number of parents who have come to me desperate for answers. Parents whose children were disengaged from learning, physically violent, verbally abusive or who were so anxious that in some cases they were unable to spend time with peers at all.

But the reality is that in all those cases, their children were able to learn.

And with the right expertise, understanding and experience your child can too.

I firmly believe that no child is unreachable, and that with the right teaching and experiences no young person cannot be engaged. We exist purely to ensure that children reach their potential and go on to live the lives they deserve.

And we pride ourselves on achieving exactly that. 

We know that support has to be timely, it has to be focused on the individual and it has to take into account the needs of the wider family. Critically your child needs to be more important than the educational philosophy of the person giving that support.

The reality is that the cookie cutter approach does not work. Your child deserves more. It’s why all our methods, approaches and strategies are individually selected, via a pick and mix approach from a range of philosophies.

After all young people are individuals.

If you are looking for a magic wand or a cure for autism, we are not the consultancy service for you.

Our strategies take hard work, they take perseverance, and they take commitment. They are not an easy fix and you will not see progress overnight. We do not believe in changing your child’s personalty or turning them into a clone.

What we do believe in however, is giving you and those working with your child, the skills to enable them to become the best version of themselves that they can be. The skills to enable them to be #UniqueAndSuccesful. The ability to believe in themselves and the coping strategies to make the world a more enjoyable place to be part of.

Make no mistake, working with us will involve change. Both you as a family and your child’s teacher(s) will need to alter your approaches. But if you do so, you will never look back.

Together we will make a difference.

Your children deserve it. 

Why not take a look at our programmes or book a discovery call to see which one is right for you.