Preparing For The Summer Holidays

Of all of the holidays, the summer holidays are undoubtedly my favourite. 

Admittedly, I am a teacher and a freelancer – and that means I can structure my hours around my children. I have no idea how those of you who work in the non-education world juggle childcare, expectations etc. but I take my hat off you for doing so.

The reason they are my favourite though, is probably not what you expect…

I love the summer because it gives me a chance to enable change at a time when children are less anxious. And this summer so can you.

Think about what your child excels in

Spend time this summer allowing your child to focus on their special interests, give them chance to excel. Whether they love playing Minecraft, Fortnite or Yu-Gi-Oh, let them have an opportunity to do the things they enjoy.

Make a list of all the things they are good at and share it with them. Show them how proud you are of them of the things they can do now, that they would have struggled with in the past.

Ask them to tell you what they are good at, and make their own list of their achievements.

Think about areas they struggle

The lack of demands from school, and the lack of pressure that results from having more flexibility means that the summer is the perfect time to work on those skills your child finds hard.

Think about setting challenges to make learning new things more fun. Our summer challenge, complete with your child’s very own Braveling, is a great way to do this, especially if your child struggles with activities outside of home or benefits from having a flexible structure in the activities they do. 

Take time to ask them, what they would like help with. Are there areas they know they have struggled with and want to work on more? If your child is keen to tackle an issue, you will have much more success in doing so.

Keep it fun, utilising your child’s special interest and relating those things they find hard to it will not only increase buy in, but will also help your child to see the point behind the activities you set. 

Prepare them for what comes next

Think about the skills they will need for the coming year and spend time teaching them in the way they learn best.

Independence skills are particularly important, so at an age appropriate level make sure you give them a chance to learn skills their peers are doing.

Keep anxiety at bay, by making sure they understand what will be in the same in September as well as what will be different. Visual lists can really help.

Do you need help developing a plan?

Why not check out #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL: The Membership – Open now until Sunday evening for new members, the Membership is an affordable way to get 1:1 support to put strategies in place this summer that will make a difference all year round. 

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