Our Classic Package


Our Classic Package

Are you looking for a package that will help you establish triggers and identify strategies? A package that combines real time observation with training for those working with your child. A package which helps you to make immediate changes to benefit your child and provide you with the support that you need to do so.

If so our classic package is the answer for you.

How can the Classic Package Help?

Through direct observations The Classic Package enables Victoria to identify the subtle triggers that are affecting your child each day, build up a picture of their strengths and identify areas of development.

These observations in conjunction with information from both parents and educators will be used to build up a profile of your child and build a programme of specific strategies and interventions that will enable them to reach their potential.

Our unique programme, involving observation of your child’s educator(s), modelling and coaching ensures that that you can be assured that those teaching your child are fully supported in helping them reach their potential.

Because this package enables us to spend time working together with you as a family and with your child’s educator(s), we can ensure that everyone knows what has been said and is on the same page. Consistency is therefore far easier to achieve.

Its bespoke nature means that it will enable us to develop methods that work for you as a family, no cookie cutter approach in sight.

After each visit you and your child’s educator(s) will be left with specific strategies to follow. Strategies that you have practiced with Victoria and feel confident about applying. Strategies that will help you to help your child feel less anxious and more engaged in education. Methods to reduce the number of Meltdowns you see, and the frequency with which you see them.

What Benefits Will You See?

Both you as a family and your child’s educator(s) will feel more confident in your decisions, safe in the assurance that you have a plan that works.

Your child’s engagement in their education will increase as they begin to recognise themselves as a successful learner who is capable of achieving anything they want to achieve.

Their academic progress will accelerate as they see the relevance of learning to them, and as their educator(s) become increasingly proficient of tailoring their education to meet their particular needs.

Socially and emotionally you will begin to see progress in relation to their ability to regulate their own emotions and their ability to express their needs. Their capacity to be able to cope in challenging environments will increase.

More than that, you will be left to enjoy your family life without worrying that you are missing something you should be doing. You will know that your child is being given the right support, allowing you to focus on enjoying them as a person.

What does the Classic Package include?

Half a day observation of your chid at school or with a private tutor.

Half a day spent jointly coaching teachers, tutors and parents providing strategies and suggestions to help move your child forward.

A full written report detailing the strategies have have been discussed, and recommendations for the following month.

Committing to a yearly package will also secure you a complementary half hour update call midway through your monthly visits, to allow us to keep on top of any issues as they arise.

Who Is The Package For?

The Classic Package is for parents who want the best for their child.

Whether your child is in a state school, an independent school or has a private tutor, you will expect those working with them to exhibit best practice. But you will also know that to fully achieve their potential autism expertise is essential.

And that is exactly what we will provide. 

If you are looking for curriculum modifications that will make a difference or ways to teach your child to regulate their emotions. If you want to help them build relationship skills or help develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

We can help.

Your child may be struggling with anxiety, or self esteem, they may have become disengaged from learning or be struggling to cope when things get tough. Alternatively they may be coping well on the surface, but you know that preparing them early for the future will make a real difference. You will believe in being proactive, getting out in front of any issues and tackling them.

If this sounds like you, the Classic Package can help you achieve the life you want for your child.


£2,000 per month or £20,000 per year


In order to ensure we are able to give you the attention you deserve, we are only able to accept 4 clients onto our Classic Package each month.

Still not sure if the Classic Package is for you?

Why not fill in our pre-acceptance questionnaire and Victoria will email you right back, explaining whether she feels we can help you at this time, or book a discovery call to give you chance to have your questions answered.

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