Eight Tips To Make Literacy More Engaging For Your Homeschooled Autistic Child

I love Literacy. I always have. In fact I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get pleasure out of burying my head in a book, or sitting down to write.

The reality is though that when I meet most of my students, that isn’t the way they feel. In fact for most the mere mention of Literacy sits somewhere between revulsion and terror. Needless to say it’s one of the first things I make it my priority to change.

After all, when the world becomes challenging a book is the very best place to escape to.

So How Can You Bring About That Love Of Literacy?

Think Carefully About Your Book Selection

Getting the right book to the right child at the same time is a bit of a passion of mine. So ditch the Danielle Steel and start reading books aimed at teenagers. You will be surprised how much you love them I promise. It’s hard to make it as a children’s author and those that do are usually brilliant. Experiment, get a feel for what is out then and then introduce your child to them.

In our house the books on the top two shelves are mine, and therefore permission is needed to read them – something that makes them infinitely more exciting than the freely allowed books on the lower shelves,

Make Reading About More Than Just Books

If right now books feel too overwhelming for your child to attempt, make reading about more. Whether it’s a magazine about football, a recipe book to plan for dinner or a text heavy computer game, show your child that reading is useful show them it’s fun. As proficiency and confidence increases you can then move to books that are focused on subjects they are interested in to increase engagement.

Get Outside And Explore

The flexibility of home educating means you don’t need to do your writing within the four walls of the classroom, the world is your classroom. So whether it’s writing about crunchy leaves as you step on them, describing the sound of the sea as it crashes around you, or writing an adventure story as you walk around a castle – you have the potential to make Literacy both immediate and real. So lie on your backs and watch the clouds float above you whilst you describe what they are, go to an owl sanctuary and read Skellig or curl up under duvets and write your own bedtime stories. The possibilities really are endless.

Incorporate Special Interests

When you tap into your child’s special interest, you open doors that you never knew existed, in fact more than doors, you open worlds. Whether you’re on a mission to combat anxiety or trying to decrease your child’s reluctance to write their special interest really is the key. Find ways to include it in your lessons, write about, read about it, talk about it. Make it part of your world. Trust me, if you do anything is possible.

Become Best Friends With The Post-it Note

Breaking work down into small manageable chunks can make a huge difference to a child or young person’s willingness to attempt a task. There are many ways to do this, but I have to confess that I have a bit of a love affair with the humble post-it-note. After all, it’s a small space to fill, can easily be rearranged in multiple orders, and comes in a variety of shapes colours and sizes. Why not invest in a few and see if they work for you?

Incorporate Technology

Never underestimate the power of technology to transform learning. The mere mention of being able to use a computer or iPad to complete a task fills most youngsters with excitement. So although the thought of navigating new programmes might scare you (it does me) just a little, it is well worth stepping out of your comfort zone to do so. There are programmes out there that can make just about any lesson more fun. My personal favourite right now are iMovie Trailers, trust me they are simple to use, really effective, involve writing and young people love them. Go take a look, and see for yourself…

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